What is shock?

shock operational check

Glossary “shock operational check” Definition:
Method used to check shock efficiency that includes bouncing the vehicle bumper vigorously and observing the shock dampening action, or pumping the brakes slowly at low speed to see if the vehicle “rocking” motion is set up.

shock foaming

Glossary “shock foaming” Definition:
The mixing of air and shock fluid, due to rapid movement of fluid between the chambers, causing the shock absorber to develop a lag because the piston is moving through an air pocket that offers no resistance. A gas-filled shock absorber is designed to reduce oil foaming.

shock absorber function

Glossary “shock absorber function” Definition:
Typical shock absorber has three functions: to dampen the effect of spring oscillation in order to control the ride stabilization of a vehicle, to control body sway, and to reduce the tendency of a tire tread to lift off the road surface (a problem often caused by static unbalance).

shock absorber

Glossary “shock absorber” Definition:
A hydraulic device used at each wheel of the suspension system to help control the up and down, as well as the rolling motion of a car body by dampening the oscillations or jounce of the springs when the car goes over bumps, thereby contributing to vehicle safety and passenger comfort. Also referred to as shock.