Glossary “ozone” Definition:
1). Unstable pale-blue gas (O3), which is formed by the exposure of O2 to an electrical discharge or a reaction in sunlight. It has a penetrating and/or pungent odor and has a strong oxidizing effect. In the upper atmosphere, ozone protects the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Though beneficial in the upper atmosphere, at ground level, ozone is a respiratory irritant and considered a pollutant. 2). Unstable molecule of oxygen with three atoms of oxygen instead of the normal two. Ozone oxidizes other elements and compounds by giving up its extra atom of oxygen easily.


Glossary “oxidizer” Definition:
1). Material that caused oxidation. 2). An additive that increases the oxygen content of an air/fuel mixture. 3). A materail which may cause the ignition of combustible material without the aid of an external source of ignition or which, when mixed with combustible materials, increases the rate of burning of those materials when the mixtures are ignited.