Glossary “UVW” Definition:
Unloaded Vehicle Weight. The weight of a vehicle as built at the factory with full fuel, engine oil and coolants. It does not include cargo, fresh water, LP gas, occupants, or dealer installed accessories.


Glossary “UTQG” Definition:
Uniform Tire Quality Grading. Information required by the DOT to be molded into the sidewall of each tire to provide information relating to tread wear, traction, and temperature ratings.

used car price guide

Glossary “used car price guide” Definition:
Either of several periodically published sources, generally available at libraries, for the used-car buyer or seller to determine the retail and wholesale value of a vehicle in the regional marketplace.

urethane plastic

Glossary “urethane plastic” Definition:
As used on bumpers, filler panels, and quarter extension panels, urethane plastic is of the thermoplastic type. It is tough and flexible. This material can be plastic-welded. Parts made of it require flexible plastic paint finishes.