What is rear

rear spring shackle

Glossary “rear spring shackle” Definition:
A device bolted to a rubber bushing in the rear main leaf eye, and having an upper shackle bolt that extends through a similar rubber bushing in the rear-spring hanger, providing fore and aft movement with variations in spring length.

rear suspension

Glossary “rear suspension” Definition:
An integral part of the total suspension system designed to keep the rear axle and wheels in their proper position under the car body, typically of two types; solid axle type and independent rear-suspension type.

rear section

Glossary “rear section” Definition:
Also known as tail section or rear clip, it consists of the rear quarter panels, trunk or rear floor pan, rear frame rails, trunk or deck lid, rear bumper, and related parts.

rear end torque

Glossary “rear end torque” Definition:
Twisting reaction of a rear-axle assembly in a direction opposite to that of wheel rotation when power is applied, controlled by the control arms in coil-spring models and by the leaf springs in leaf spring models.