What is oil?

oil slinger

Glossary “oil slinger” Definition:
Metal disc that is located between the engine pulley and timing gear to force oil away from the timing-gear cover seal. Can also be found behind the differential pinion seal.

oil ring

Glossary “oil ring” Definition:
Piston ring that scrapes oil from the cylinder wall to control cylinder wall lubrication prevent excessive oil loss past the piston and into the combustion chamber.

oil pump pick-up

Glossary “oil pump pick-up” Definition:
Tube with a screen coving the intake, attached to the oil pump. Placed near the bottom of the oil pan which supplies oil to the pump.

oil reservoir

Glossary “oil reservoir” Definition:
1). A shock absorber section containing an extra fluid supply to meet operational requirements. 2). The engine oil pan. 3). Container for oil reserve supply.

oil pump

Glossary “oil pump” Definition:
A pump, driven directly or indirectly by the camshaft or crankshaft, that draws oil from the oil pan and forces it, under pressure, through the engine lubrication system.