Technical Definition:

(Cylinder No.11) Glow Plug Circuit / Open

Trouble Code: P0681
Address: 0x0681
System: Powertrain
Subsystem: Computer and Auxiliary Output Circuits
Technical Description:

Possible Causes:
  • Faulty cylinder #11 glow plug
  • Open or shorted glow plug circuit
  • Damaged wiring connector
  • Faulty glow plug control module

Possible Symptoms:
  • The engine will be hard to start or may not start at all in cold weather or when its been sitting long enough for the block to cool.
  • Lack of power until the engine heats up sufficiently.
  • Engine may miss due to the colder than normal cylinder head temperature
  • Engine may hesitate when accelerating
  • No pre-heat period, or in other words the preheat light does not go off.

Cylinder 11 Glow Plug Circuit Fault

Possible Solutions:

OBD-II Trouble Code Type:

Diagnostic Step:

Tech Notes:

– Faulty cylinder #11 glow plug
– Cylinder #11 glow plug harness is open or shroted
– Cylinder #11 glow plug circuit poor electrical connection
– Faulty glow plug module

Specific Makes:

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