Technical Definition:

Fan Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent

Trouble Code: P0529
Address: 0x0529
System: Powertrain
Subsystem: Vehicle Speed Control, Idle Controls, and Auxiliary Inputs
Technical Description:

Some vehicles are equipped with a sensor at the end of the cooling fan that detects movement during vehicle operation. The sensor is used to determine if the fan is running on a fan clutch equipped vehicle, or used to verify fan speed commanded by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control Module (ECM) matches the actual fan speed detected on an electric fan equipped vehicle.

Possible Causes:
  • Loose connection in cooling fan sensor harness or PCM/ECM harness
  • Faulty PCM/ECM
  • Faulty cooling fan speed sensor

Possible Symptoms:

Possible Solutions:

OBD-II Trouble Code Type:

Diagnostic Step:

Tech Notes:

Specific Makes:

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