three quarter floating axle

[box style=”0″]Glossary “three quarter floating axle” Definition:
An axle in which the axle housing carries the weight of the vehicle while the bearings support the wheels on the outer ends of the axle housing tubes.[/box]

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  1. Hello,

    First off, here’s wishing all of you a safe and Merry Christmas.

    I need some MGA advice. I have a question concerning the axle on my 1957 MGA. It is a three-quarter-floating type; and I hope this doesn’t sound too stupide. When I disassembled the car and stored the axle decades ago, I could turn either hub (without wheels mounted of course) and they turned very easy and nicely. When I turned either side hub, the differential flange that the driveshaft bolts onto turned. I took my axle over to a shop to go through and replace any parts needed. I picked it up about a month back and mounted in my chassis. Now, when I turn either hub, the differential flange doesn’t turn at the same time, nor if I turn the differential flange neither hub turns at the same time. All you hear either hub is a sound inside the axle housing that something is turning. My question is this. How will the wheels turn, if once the driveshaft is connected and the hubs don’t turn as the differential turns? Was something put back incorrectly, or am I missing how things operate in/at the axle end?

    Jerry in Montana

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