kingpin inclination

Glossary “kingpin inclination” Definition:
A major factor in a vehicle’s directional control and stability; the angle of a line through the center of the kingpin in relation to the true vertical centerline of the tire viewed from the front of the vehicle.


Glossary “kink” Definition:
Type of damage to steel or aluminum where there is a sharp bend of small radius, typically more than 90¡ã, over a short distance. Because of work hardening, a kinked area cannot be straightened without leaving a crack, tear, or premanent deformation.


Glossary “kinked” Definition:
Descibes a part that has a sharp bend or a small radius, usually more than 90¡ã, or after straightening, there is a visible crack or tear in the metal or there is permanent deformation that cannot be straightened to its pre-accident shape without the use of excessive heat.