What is tire?

tire waddle

[box style=”0″]Glossary “tire waddle” Definition:
The side-to-side movement at the front and/or rear of the vehicle caused by the steel belt not being straight within the tire. This is most noticeable at low speeds of 5 to 30 mph (8 to 48.3 km/hr).[/box]

tire speed rating

[box style=”0″]Glossary “tire speed rating” Definition:
A tire rating that specifies the speed at which the tire can be safely used and does not suggest that a vehicle can be driven safely at the designated speed, because of various road and weather conditions that may be encountered. Also the condition of the vehicle may affect high-speed operation.[/box]

tire trueing

[box style=”0″]Glossary “tire trueing” Definition:
Procedure of “rounding” a tire by removing rubber so the tread face forms a true circle. This is done by removing high-tread areas while revolving the tire.[/box]

tire sidewall

[box style=”0″]Glossary “tire sidewall” Definition:
That area of the tire between the “bead” and the “tread pattern” made from an abrasive-resistant blend of rubber, which absorbs shocks and impacts from road irregularities and prevents damage to the plies.[/box]

tire profile

[box style=”0″]Glossary “tire profile” Definition:
Profile of a tire is based on the width and height of a cross section of the tire determined by an aspect ratio equal to the section height divided by the section width.[/box]