What is torque?

torque steer

[box style=”0″]Glossary “torque steer” Definition:
An outside influence, such as uneven front tire-tread wear, causing the steering wheel to turn right or left during hard acceleration, relating to the dual torque and steering requirements that are applied to the drive axle of front-wheel-drive vehicles. When there are different length shafts, the long one wraps and there is a slight lag before it puts its torque to the wheel, causing the vehicle to pull to one side.[/box]

torque plate

[box style=”0″]Glossary “torque plate” Definition:
Thick metal plate bolted to the deck of a block during cylinder boring and honing to reproduce the stress caused when the heads are installed and the bolts are properly torqued.[/box]

torque in steps

[box style=”0″]Glossary “torque in steps” Definition:
Three steps are normally used to reach the specific torque. The final step will always be the specific torque value. Each step must be done in the specific torque sequence.[/box]

torque converter

[box style=”0″]Glossary “torque converter” Definition:
1). Unit that transfers power from the engine to the transmission input shaft by directing and redirecting fluid flow. 2). A type of fluid coupling used to connect the engine crankshaft to the automatic transmission input shaft. Torque converter multiply the available engine torque under certain operating conditions.[/box]