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four stroke cycle

[box style=”0″]Glossary “four stroke cycle” Definition:
1). A cycle of engine operation whereby the combustion occurs in every cylinder on every second revolution of the crankshaft. 2). A complete cycle includes intake or induction, compression, combustion or expansion, and exhaust. 3). Also known as four cycle.[/box]

four stroke engine

[box style=”0″]Glossary “four stroke engine” Definition:
An engine in which a piston must complete four stroke to complete one cycle. The four strokes are; intake, compression, power, and exhaust. Also known as Otto-cycle engine.[/box]

four cycle engine

[box style=”0″]Glossary “four cycle engine” Definition:
Combustion ocurrs every other revolution of the crankshaft; a cycle being considered as 1/2 revolution of the crankshaft. These cycles or strokes are: (1) intake stroke, (2) compression stroke, (3) power stroke, (4) exhaust stroke. Also known as Otto cycle engine.[/box]